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Download game Hit Slot for iPhone, Android or computer

Download Hit Slot

It is quite simple to download the Hit Slot game. Open any search engine, for example, Google and type: download Hit Slot game. Not every link in the top 10 pages will lead to downloads, so you may need to open the first few links in order to find the right one.

Hit Slot is a really popular game, so you will find Hit Slot versions for:

  • iPhone;
  • Android;
  • Mac;
  • Windows.

As usual, an app for Mac users is a little harder to find than the app for Windows users. The same can be said about the iPhone compared to Android smartphones.

However, the most important question to be answered before starting the game is - are you playing for fun or for real money?

If you do not plan to play for money, and your only plans are to enjoy the demo version of the game, then first decide on which device you want to play.

Download Hit Slot for iPhone or Android

Follow the following sequence of steps:

  1. Open the app store on your android phone or iOS;
  2. Type hit slot into the search bar;
  3. Find the game you want and download.

Among the features, it should be noted that the applications on the phone have restrictions related to money. For example, you should almost never play for real money. Or, if you win, you cannot withdraw money, and the win itself essentially remains a virtual amount of money. The smartphone app is recommended for those players who play for fun. If winning is not your priority, then play for free!

Download Hit Slot on your computer (PC)

Follow the following sequence of steps:

  1. Open the search engine, for example, Google;
  2. In the search bar, type in the download Hit Slot;
  3. Find a game to download.

Perhaps some of the search results will turn out to be irrelevant for you: promo materials about the Hit Slot game, links to casinos, and so on. Try to open the first 10 links and find the download function. Then follow the instructions on the website.

Download Hit slot for real money

If you plan to play Hit Slot for real money, there is nothing to download. Playing for money implies the need to choose a casino where there is a Hit Slot slot machine. And to play in an online casino, you need a stable Internet connection, since the game takes place online. It is by playing online that the casino sees your winnings and losses. And compared to offline applications, you can withdraw real money to a bank card (or another method convenient for you). With an offline game, withdrawal of winnings is not possible.

How to start playing Hit Slot for real money

Everything is very simple. Choose an online casino that has Hit Slot 2020 or Hit Slot 2021 slot machine from the official creator of the game. This is a guarantee that you are playing the real Hit Slot with graphics and winnings.

Play Hit Slot on your smartphone

So, it is clear that to play on a computer, it is enough to register at one of the online casinos, select the Hit Slot in the list of games. How to start playing Hit Slot on an iOS or Android smartphone? Very simple. The sequence of steps is very similar.

How to play Hit Slot on your Android or iOS phone:

  • Register at an online casino;
  • Top up your gaming account balance using one of the proposed methods;
  • Open the main page of the casino and scroll to the footer - the so-called footer of the main page;
  • Find the link to download the application for Android and iPhone;
  • Links for downloading the application are always at the very bottom;
  • Click and follow the recommendations on how to install the Hit Slot app on your phone.

Where is the best place to play Hit Slot - an application on a phone or a desktop computer

Hit Slot is equally good for playing on a computer (laptop) and on a smartphone. The game interface does not require you to press a large number of buttons. By and large, if you choose the size of the bet, then you can choose the auto game, which makes it possible to avoid pressing buttons for many tens and possibly hundreds of game rounds.

Our advice is to be guided by where you play. If it is important for you to play on the way to work or school, then be sure to download the application. If you are not a fan of playing Hit Slot outside the home, then choose a computer. The choice between a smartphone and a computer is a matter of taste.