Reviews for Hit Slot 2020 and Hit Slot 2021

Hit Slot Endorphina is a classic online slot machine based on a fruit theme. The Hit Slot is designed with spinning reels, multiple rows and fixed paylines.

Hit Slot has an excellent return rate of 96%, which is easy for every player to check. It is enough to copy the number of the gaming session and check the honesty of the casino on the site of the game creator Endorphina. This is called honesty control.

We have collected popular reviews for the game Hit Slot, which are presented below.

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Reviews, opinions and comments about Hit Slot

Review: pleasant experience of playing the Hit Slot


Very enjoyable experience of playing Hit Slot. Graphics – is fire for me as well as the ability to immediately withdraw the winnings. Many casinos offer a great welcome bonus. All casino are different, but usually you can get free spins. Their value lies in the fact that you immediately understand whether the machine allows you to win or not. If so, then you need to continue playing and earn money. In one casino they gave me 200 USD to play. I played for half an hour and in the end there were 320 USD. It is a pity that it is impossible to withdraw, this is not real money for the demo version. Great slot!

Elena, 23 years

Review: There is no jackpot in Hit Slot, but there is a risk of playing


There is no jackpot in Hit Slot, but there is a risk game. In principle, I follow a moderate strategy - I do not take much risk, but I want to win a good amount. The risk game is perfect to win. The rest of the rounds gave me zero, that is, I did not lose, but there no win either. And the risk game gives a chance to increase the balance very strongly. It is good slot, I advise to check it out.

Vlad, 32 years old

Review: Hit Slot is a good slot machine for playing


Hit Slot is a good slot machine to play. I usually play in the evening before go to a bed. I do the autoplay mode, put the minimum bet and play.

Mark, 32 years old

Review: It's a pleasure to play Hit Slot


It is a pleasure to play Hit Slot. It has very bright graphics. The slot seems to beckon to itself. Of the last three times I played, I won two – 25 dollars and almost 70 dollars. Once I lost 18 dollars. I am happy with the result, because I play to kill time at work while my boss cannot see the computer monitor.

Marina, 35 years old

Review: I advise everyone to try Hit Slot


I started playing Hit Slot at 8 dollars. For half an hour I won about 80 American dollars. I decided to stop and not tempt fate further. I took it out without any problems, but first they called from the support service and asked for passport data. Always pissed off these security measures in online casinos. But what can't you do for the 80 dollars won in half an hour? So I answered to a nice lady from support service and after 20 minutes the money came to the wallet. I advise everyone who starts playing in a casino to try Hit Slot.

Alexander, 20 years old

Review: Hit Slot in an online casino


There are a lot of applications on the Internet that are called in a similar way - Hit Slot and usually there are some other words. This is a common money scam. It has nothing to do with the casino. The casino always has a return percentage, because this is a condition for obtaining a license. Therefore, there are chances to win at Hit Slot in an online casino. And all these applications for Android or on strange sites will not let you win anything. You will only lose. Therefore, only play in online casinos. There are at least chances to win real money. I haven't won much, but usually 5-8 dollars. True, I have a best of 10 cents. For serious wins in the Hit slot, you need to bet higher, but I'm scared.

Tati, 27 years old

Review: Play Hit Slot


If you play Hit Slot, then only in a licensed online casino. Here it is clear how to withdraw money and replenish the balance. And if you are not lucky with the Hit Slot, then at least you can choose another slot machine for playing, because the online casino has a large selection of slots.

Matthew, 21 years old

Review: I advise you to try Hit Slot


There are a lot of slot machines that prevent you from winning. You start playing and you see that there is no way to make money. Frankly, there is even no point in listing such slots, because there are hundreds of them and such slots are not heard of. But everyone knows Hit Slot, because this game allows you to win and earn real money. Because everyone knows the Hit Slot. I once came out with almost 600 dollars. It was only once. Usually the amount is less. I advise everyone to try Hit Slot.

Alex, 28 years old

Review: Hit Slot works well


I work on a rotational basis in the north area of Canada. The Hit Slot helps to kill time in the evenings when there is absolutely nothing to do. The Internet is weak here, but surprisingly, this does not affect the speed of the game. Hit Slot works well!

Ken, 18 years old

Review: Hit Slot is a very popular slot


One friend told about the slot. He said that this is a very popular slot and considered a classic of slot machines. I used to very rarely play cards for money, but I got tired of it, because my partners don't always keep their word. You win, but you are not given the money. So I decided to move to online casino after all. Hit Slot was one of the first slot machines I tried. I didn’t regret it. The game is very simple, but fascinating, because you try to understand whether there will be a win or not. I win a little, lose a little, but the impression is positive.

Dmitro, 35 years old

Review: Hit Slot is a very cool game


The Hit Slot risk game is a very cool feature. Every time I come across a risk game, I play and win 2-3 cards, that is, every time the winnings are doubled. It's good that it turns out to stop and not play further. When I tell my friends that I have never lost the risk game, everyone is surprised. The guy says that it is difficult to win more than 2 times. Probably everyone has different ways.

Mark, 29 years old

Review: Excellent game


Good game. We play with the guys on a campus and see who is lucky. We often play and always win a little bit. I do not remember a case when someone went into a huge loss. It doesn't work that way. Usually one day is lucky, and the next day there is no luck. Hit Slot is a straightforward game for me!

Sebastian, 18 years old

Review: Hit Slot is the most advanced slot in online casino


When I was a schoolboy, I played a similar machine on the Internet for not real money. When I grew up, I learned that you can play for real money. Of course, it is much more fun to play for real money than candy wrappers. Since then I have been playing. There are many similar slots. Probably slot machines love the fruit theme, but Hit Slot is the most advanced of them all. I play infrequently, but regularly. And I will continue to play.

Andrew, 23 years old

Review: Hit Slot has become my favorite slot


I added about 10 dollars to my balance and on the fifth spin caught a combination for 60 dollars. There were no problems with the withdrawal of money. Then I played again. I managed to win, but with a smaller amount. I contacted the support service, because once I could not withdraw money to a bank card. Everyone were polite and answered clearly. They apologized, said that in a couple of hours the withdrawal to the card would work. I waited and everything is fine. Since then, Hit Slot has become my favorite slot.

Imman, 30 years old

Review: The slot is good


The slot is good, at least when compared to other slot machines. But it all depends on chance and luck. I thought to come up with a strategy, but nothing really works ... I play zero, and my friend from work won 150 dollars for the first time, not really even thinking how to play. Where's the justice? You can play, but carefully.

Nick, 37 years old

Review: I will play Hit Slot


A friend suggested me this slot. He says that he recieves more than he spends. I decided to try it. Usually a slight win for me. A very generous slot in my opinion. I will continue to play Hit Slot!

Sam, 32 years old

Review: Hit Slot is very simple


Many of us play at work. Hit Slot is very simple, there is no need to think too much. Probably, this is the main advantage for me, because sometimes I just want to relax, and not think about tricky strategies on how to win a lot of money. The most interesting thing is that even with such indifference, I do not lose much. And I get a lot of pleasure. Many colleagues even win regularly, but the truth is they spend a lot of time. I won 47 dollars in 2-3 hours. Well, I don’t know, for me it’s a very long time.

Nina, 36 years old

Review: Demo version of the game Hit Slot is available


Everything is intuitive. A demo version of the Hit Slot game is available, although it is not called a demo version - you just play with zero balance. You won’t win anything, but you better understand the logic of the slot. A very bright slot. I am sure that any girl will like it. These are not dreary slots with gray zombie dead graphics. In Hit Slot, the mood improves in the first 5 seconds, especially in our hard winters without the sun.

Alina, 19 years old

Review: You can win in the Hit Slot


A very happy slot. I know that many people play it and the Hit Slot is really popular. It is clear why. You can win in Hit Slot if you are smart about business. For starters, you don't need to get excited and make crazy bets. Choose the minimum bid. See how it works. The general rule is that if luck is on your side and the bet works, then increase the next bet. If luck is not on your side, then reduce the rate.

Tim, 32 years old

Review: Hit Slot is very popular slot


I started playing at school time. The Hit Slot was very popular in our class. When I entered the college, it turned out that my classmates also play. Sometimes we share our opinion on how to play and win. The main idea is to play carefully and not make big bets. And if it turns out to be win, then we withdraw money. We don’t take much risk. Yes, this is not the most risky strategy, but you can make money on beer without any problems.

Grek, 18 years old